Jasmine Horchata + Boba Kit

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Loved sipping our vegan horchata? Here’s your own kit to make at home with pre-measured ingredients and to enjoy at your next meal or gathering. All you need is a few kitchen items and a little patience while the ingredients steep overnight. Makes 12 servings. 

Kit includes:

1 pack Jasmine Rice

1 pack almonds*

1 pack cinnamon stick

1 simple sugar pack 

2 boba pack (makes 4 servings each; 8 servings total)

8 bamboo fiber straws

Other ingredients needed:

Drinking water

1 cup whole milk (or any milk of your choice)

2 tspn vanilla extract

1/2 cup agave


1. First prepare your simple syrup. Boil 1 cup of water and shut off heat. Pour 1 sugar pack into the hot water until dissolved to make a syrup. Put aside. 
2. Next add your pre-measured ingredients of rice, almonds, and cinnamon stick into a blender. Add 1 cup of water and blend altogether for 30-60 seconds to make a gritty paste. If it’s too thick, add another 1/4 cup of water and blend for 5 seconds. 
3. In a pitcher or container, add milk, simple syrup**, vanilla extract, 8 cups of drinking water, and the blended paste. Stir well and steep overnight in refrigerator (8-10 hours). 
4. After steeping, stir first and then strain out the solid contents to discard. Enjoy your homemade Jasmine Horchata!

Begin to make your boba according to package instructions 1.5 hours prior to serving your Jasmine Horchata. If you would like to stock up, order more Boba Packs with straws included.

*Recipe includes nuts

**you may also replace simple syrup with agave